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The Story of Team Gator

38th Infantry Division HHC 2/152

Team Gator Iraq, Fallujah-Ramadi

The Surge 2006-2007

     From October 2006 to September 2007, a company of the regiment saw extensive combat in Ramadi and Fallujah, Iraq. This company and its parent battalion were administratively assigned to the 38th Infantry Division, but operationally assigned to the 76th Infantry Brigade (Separate) just prior to the mobilization and deployment of 2006–2007. Originally known as Company A, 2nd Battalion (Mechanized), 152nd Infantry Regiment, the unit became an expeditionary force with members from all companies in the battalion, and was renamed Headquarters, and Headquarters Company (-), and would come to be known as "Team Gator".


     Upon arrival in Al Anbar Province, the unit was operationally assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division's "Ready First Combat Team" and conducted extensive joint patrols and enemy clearing operations in both the Ramadi and Fallujah Area of Operations during the some of the most intense fighting of the 2006–2007 campaign. One platoon would be assigned under the tactical control of U.S. Marine Corps Regimental Combat Teams in the Fallujah AO, with the rest of the company being assigned to the Ready First Brigade in Ramadi. The company would also have a platoon from the Minnesota National Guard under its operational control.


     When the Ready First Brigade departed Ramadi, the company would be assigned to a new brigade, 1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Raider Brigade), and it would participate in major clearing operations during the Surge of 2007. It was also during this time that the company would be reconsolidated in Ramadi when the Fallujah platoon was returned to the operational control of its company headquarters. Team Gator, or the "Cyclones" as they were known by their call sign, opened 8 new police stations in Al Anbar Province, including western, southern, and eastern Ramadi; as well as in and around the Falllujah AO. During the process, the unit participated in 8 battalion sized enemy clearing operations, conducted hundreds of joint patrols with Iraqi Security Forces, and was credited with the capture of over 100 insurgents, and an unknown number killed. Company personnel received 34 Purple Hearts, and suffered one soldier killed in action, Staff Sergeant Bradley D. King, who was killed on 2 April 2007, by an improvised explosive device during a raid on a known insurgent bomb maker's house in the village of Fuhaylat, southwest of Fallujah.


     Soldiers of the unit earned 27 Bronze Stars, with two for Valor. The company received the Naval Unit Commendation and the Meritorious Unit Commendation. The company had many soldiers who committed numerous acts of heroism that have not been truly known to this day. The unit is second only to Company D Rangers for being the most decorated and combat experienced company sized element in the Indiana Army National Guard since World War II.

Our Fallen 

Bradley King














Now he is running his own charity, and helps with PH3 when he can.




Deployment Pictures

Team Gator
SECFOR-PTT Teams Iraq: Fallujah-Ramadi 2006-2007

Team Gator Aco Hurricane Katrina-Rita 2005


Team Gator Aco Bosnia SFOR15 03-05

Major General R. Martin Umbarger

The Adjutant General of Indiana 2004-2015

"The Soldiers General" With 46years of Service

Secretary of Defense 
Robert Gates
Congressman Dan Burton
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